Chairman's Desk

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Indo-Kosovo Chamber of commerce!!!
We are a part of this beautiful world. When the whole world is going through big disaster such as, poverty, child education, health, employment, global warming and from decades the world is experiencing terrorism which is a great concern.
Do we need an alien attack to understand our brotherhood?

Lets us all human, immaterial of our country, race, colour and language join our hands to help each other, which is the only solution for peace and happiness.
As technology has improved, the world is shrinking as global village and the fact is, we can’t do anything without each other.
Commerce and economic activity is one of the important activities to bring people together. This creates bonding, relationships, emotions, brotherhood, peace and happiness. This has been proved that it solves many above mentioned problems, which is of our concern.
In true sense we should be highly competitive and best in process of globalization and as I said before, “the world is shrinking as a GLOBAL Village” hence its visible, whole world is struggling to retain their overseas clients and anxious to explore new competitive markets.

Kosovo is a new country and at rebuilding stage. All the developed countries need to help to bring Kosovo to get in the mainstream of the world and these countries are helping also but people of Kosovo has no option but to get into business right now. I appreciate the people of Kosovo who are hard working; intelligent and most important is willing to do it, which won’t stop Kosovo for all desired progress.
India is one of the biggest democracies in the world with its own unique dynamics compared to other countries. We have poorest human being in the world living in India which is very much of our concern, but at the same time, the combined net worth of India's 100 wealthiest is US$346 billion, up more than a third from $259 billion in 2013. In terms of PPP (Purchase power Parity) India has moved on 3rd place in world ranking with GDP of 4.8 Trillion$.
I am sure, able Indian businessmen are participating in global economics successfully and they can also have a success share with Kosovo in their development.
I would also request government of India and Kosovo to create easiest possible platforms in favour of smooth economic interactions for businessmen of both the countries. Real endorsements will always bring new opportunities and happiness in totality.
Today businesses in whole world including India are struggling to retain their existing overseas clients while trying even harder to get new clients and explore new markets given the current economic conditions in the country. While this may all sound like bad news for you it’s really not. In fact, it gives you more leverage at such a time when overseas trade is shrinking at an alarming rate, IKCOC adds value to your business and provides you with an alternate business opportunity to do business in Kosovo –your gateway to European countries. IKCOC will support and intermediate between the businesses in both the countries.
How we can support Indian and Kosovo businesses looking to do bilateral business with each other? Provide information about live business projects at Kosovo as well as India.
Also provide information about various investment programs in Kosovo and also support Indian businesses to participate in the same.
IKCOC would act as mediators / middlemen for our Indian and Kosovo business members. IKCOC can also provide paid research information about various business sectors our members may have interest to create / provide consultancy support to business opportunities for both Indian and Kosovo businesses. Here are a few reasons why Indian businesses should do business with Kosovo. Kosovo offers many benefits to potential foreign and domestic businesses;

Low taxes
Abundant resources
A supportive business environment
A stable political system
A stimulating investment environment
Free access to the markets of the European Union and the markets of its direct neighbors
Modern business-support institutions; simple and quick business registration procedure (within 3 days) Modern and EU compatible legal framework

Euro is the official currency of Kosovo, eliminating Euro zone currency risk.
So let us work together, IKCOC, Indian and Kosovo businesses, and it will soon appear that we can together turn out as good as the rest of the other businesses that India and Kosovo does with other countries.

Best regards,
Anil Mishra
Chairman and Global President, IKCOC